Nick Ward

Senior Economist

Nick joined the CIE in 2014 as an economist following 4½ years of experience producing forecasts and macroeconomic analysis and research at the Reserve Bank of Australia and Independent Economics. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University of Melbourne.

At the RBA Nick was responsible for forecasting imports and farm production in the Australian economy and economic growth in various East Asian economies (including Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia). Nick was also responsible for forecasting economic growth in number of emerging economies in other parts of the world including Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Poland and Turkey.

At Independent Economics Nick was responsible for updating and running the firm’s highly regarded macro-econometric model of the Australian economy and model of the construction industry. Nick used these models to produce forecasts of activity in various sectors of the Australian economy, including highly detailed forecasts of the construction industry, forecasts of activity in each state and territory and forecasts and analysis of developments in the labour market, the exchange rate and monetary policy.

At the CIE, in work that is ongoing, Nick has examined the impact of science on the Australian economy and analysed the costs and benefits to – communities, councils and government – of different types of development in rural NSW.

Nick can be contacted at our Canberra office.