Rebecca Riel

Senior Economist

Rebecca joined the CIE in 2015. She has 8 years of economics and policy experience across a range of topics including infrastructure development and service pricing, planning reforms, environmental regulation, renewable energy, taxation, retirement income policy, and local government regulation.

Some of her recent work includes:

  • Economic analysis of complying development. Rebecca estimated the costs and benefits that could be derived from amending the development pathways for certain types of infrastructure under the SEPP (infrastructure).
  • Economic analysis of wind farm development. Rebecca looked at wind farm development across NSW to estimate the costs and benefits of different approval processes.
  • Assessment of the efficient costs of providing transport services in Sydney. As part of this large review of private and public transport services in NSW, Rebecca contributed to the assessment of the efficient costs for buses.
  • Assessment of the impacts of changing water regulations in the Water Industry Competition Act. Rebecca analysed the cost of regulation in the water industry for private sector suppliers.
  • Provision of technical advice in education. Rebecca conducted extensive domestic and international consultation with multilateral stakeholders, government and aid agencies to identify the demand for Australian technical services in foreign markets.
  • The economic value of pathology: achieving better results and better use of health resources. Using health statistics and market research on the developments in pathology services in Australia, Rebecca contributed to the estimation of the economic benefit of pathology to the Australian economy.
  • The economic impacts of changing arrangements for the importation of low value products. Rebecca looked at the impact of extending the GST to low value imports for suppliers, consumers and regulatory authorities.

Rebecca can be contacted in our Sydney office.