Dennis McCarthy

Senior Economist

Dennis joined the CIE in 2014.  He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the University of Sydney.

At the CIE Dennis has worked on a range of areas including projects relating to regulation of industry and public finance. These projects have involved demand forecasting, benefit-cost analysis and other economic modelling analyses.

Some examples of his recent work are below:

  • Modelling of the economic impact of the State Infrastructure Strategy 2018 for Infrastructure NSW
  • Maximum and average demand forecasting for electricity and gas distributors, including work involving the implementation of demand forecasting methodologies, management of large datasets, and review of methodologies
  • A review of the economic impact of Streamlined Visa Processing and Post-work study rights for VET sector, for which Dennis was responsible for econometric modelling of the Higher Education Sector.
  • Estimation of the economic costs associated with Asbestos-related diseases in Australia
  • Review of models for IPART such as the long-run incremental cost of rail model and Social housing model
  • A number of studies related to the waste industry at a state and national level, such as a study estimating headline economic values for the waste industry in Australia

Dennis can be contacted in our Sydney office.