Agrata Verma

Research Economist

Agrata joined the CIE in 2017 as a Research Economist. She graduated from the Australian National University with a Masters in International and Development Economics.

Agrata takes keen interest and is experienced in commodity markets, trade analysis, and renewable energy studies. At the CIE, Agrata has worked on a range projects, some of which are listed below:

  • Meat & Livestock Australia GMI model and database — Agrata is involved in the update and maintenance of the GMI database, which includes details on prices, production, consumption and trade of meat across a group of countries. She also uses the model as support for the range of work we conduct for MLA.
  • Meat & Livestock Australia impact assessment and return on investment projects — Agrata is also involved in the ongoing impact assessment of Meat and Livestock Australia conducting a program wide impact assessment of MLA investments using the Global Meat Industry (GMI) model.
  • Australian Brewers Association Evaluation of beer excise options — Agrata conducted the modelling to establish the impacts of changes in the beer excise regime on government revenue, consumer benefits and industry profitability. This involved constructing a detailed value chain for beer from the factory through to the final consumer for three alcohol strengths, for bulk and other containers sold through retail outlets and licenced premises.
  • Infrastructure for Indigenous Economic Development – The CIE was commissioned to make recommendations to the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office on infrastructure investments and reviewing current ones for indigenous economic development. Agrata reviewed projects related to renewable energy, telecommunications, and housing.
  • AAA Electric Vehicle choice modelling – Agrata assisted in constructing choice models to determine the key drivers of electric vehicle uptake in Australia using survey data conducted by the CIE for the Australian Automobile Association.
  • AIP Electric Vehicle project – Agrata worked on this report for the Australian Institute of Petroleum which analysed Australia’s current and future EV uptake with respect to the global scenario.
  • MLA EU Tariff Rate Quotas – Agrata analysed the impacts of changes in EU trade barriers on Australia’s meat industry and global meat trade using the GMI model.
  • Sydney Water customer engagement plan– Agrata helped design customer survey and analyse customer feedback for the customer engagement project using Best Worst Scaling methods. The goal of the project was to help Sydney Water integrate customer preferences in its business plan development.

Additionally, Agrata takes keen interest in industry based economic analysis and data forecasting.

Agrata can be contacted in our Canberra office.