Cristina Arganese

On 10 May 2015, our beloved friend and colleague, Cristina Arganese, passed away.Cristina3

Cristina was a completely unique person, whose love of life, enthusiasm and devoted care of all here at the CIE made our lives brighter and happier every day.

Having worked in Canberra for many years, when Cristina joined us she came with a well-established set of contacts. She knew almost everybody that phoned or walked through our door, whether they were the plumber or a high powered, ego driven Departmental Secretary. Indeed, she had known many of the latter from their days as young graduates, and had plenty of fascinating stories to share.

To this day we stand in awe at Cristina’s skill in competitions of all kinds. Prizes regularly arrived through our doors, and a prize winning trip to some grand final or major concert were regular happenings.

Cristina applied her skill for friendship and creativity every day, working with us to ensure the smooth running of our professional lives. Collectively, we are less without her.

We will treasure her memory and will seek to keep her positive and caring attitude alive in our ongoing work.