Customer willingness to pay

CIE SW Phase 2 willingness to final report revised 11Feb2019 1February 2019 report

Today Sydney Water released its price proposal for 2020-2024.

We have had the great pleasure of working with Sydney Water over the past two years, in partnership with Woolcott Research and Engagement, to talk with the people of Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains about the price and service outcomes they want in 2020-2024.

One of the ways in which Sydney Water is at the forefront of customer engagement in the Australian water sector is in the use of willingness-to-pay research to inform benefit-cost analysis of service options, with subsequent validation of findings at deliberative forums.

Some of the evidence gathered using this approach has already been well received by IPART in its April 2019 decision (p. 57) on the performance standards in Sydney Water’s operating licence.

For more on this approach, take a look at Attachment 3 and Appendix 3 in Sydney Water’s price proposal or contact Ben McNair.