Our Key Areas

Transport and infrastructure

Efficient transport and infrastructure is important for good outcomes for any economy. We have extensive experience in evaluating the linkages between transport and infrastructure and their economic effects. more >

Trade and investment

Issues surrounding international trade and investment loom large for most countries. We have extensive experience at analysing barriers to trade and investment in multilateral, bilateral and unilateral settings. A feature of this work is the quantification of benefits and costs. more >

Surveys and non-market valuation

Twenty-two years ago, The CIE conducted one of the earliest choice modelling studies on environmental valuation in Australia. Today, we remain committed to using state-of-the-art survey and econometric techniques where they can help our clients understand consumer preferences for products and services that are not traded in markets.  more >

Climate change

Is it happening, what does it mean, how should governments and business respond? Do we abate or do we adapt? What are the best tools to do so? We have been a significant player in climate change debates. more >

The environment

Environmental management and protection is now at the forefront of policy debates — presenting all sectors of the economy with opportunities and challenges. How can we incorporate the environment into rational decision making? more >


We routinely build models that allow analysis and forecasting of how agricultural commodity markets respond to global demand, international shifts in policy, and emerging threats and opportunities. more >


We have been providing advice and economic analysis of water issues and policy to Australian government and industry bodies for almost 30 years and have extensive experience in water utility regulation and water resource management and valuation. more >

Health and human services

We have extensive experience in economic analysis and evaluation to improve decision making in health and human services sectors. Our work covers many areas including cost benefit analysis, development and evaluation of funding models for health services, and health policy analysis. more >

Research and development

We have been extensively involved in the research and development industry through work with the statutory and industry owned Rural Research and Development Corporations, CSIRO, ANSTO, and ACIAR to name a few. more >

International policy

We have worked in over 40 developing countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Pacific, advising on economic policy and institutional development across a diverse range of subjects. more >

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