Health and human services

Our health economics and policy work focuses on ensuring that health  and other human services are provided and funded in ways that ensure consumer access and manage challenges around cost containment.

Our key areas of analysis include:

  • health economics and population health research
  • assessment of the effectiveness of policies, programs, and funding models in health
  • economic appraisal and benefit cost analysis in health
  • survey work and stakeholder consultation in the health and aged care sector, and
  • quantitative economic modelling.

We can estimate the value, or cost, of a health activity or program, or specific health condition, to the economy, capturing direct and indirect impacts on macroeconomic performance, such as government
revenues and expenditures, employment, income, gross output, and value added.

We have an excellent reputation for developing pricing models for publicly subsidised services and are regularly engaged by Commonwealth and state Treasuries and pricing authorities to evaluate pricing methodologies including in the health sector.

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