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We produce a range of publications and reports on behalf of clients. However, not all our reports to clients are in the public domain – some are of commercial value and, of course, remain confidential to our clients. This being the case, only our publicly available reports can be found on this site.

Only the last 5 years of publications are kept on this site, should you require older reports please contact the CIE.

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Customer willingness to pay – February 2019

Economic modelling of a risk-based approach to syphilis testing – November 2018

Economic contribution of the Australian gaming machine industry – August 2018

Analysis of capital gains tax changes – April 2018

NSW Container Deposit Scheme – April 2018

Mobile and fixed line convergence: Current and future usage of fixed and mobile broadband services and economic and policy implications – April 2018

Infrastructure-Related Community Service Obligations – February 2018 report

Saving for one’s care: Understanding how Health Savings Accounts can help fund the health of Australians – February 2018 report

Australian Trade Liberalisation: Analysis of the Economic Impacts – October 2017

Balancing price and service for urban water customers – August 2017

Telstra’s Price Premium – The premium paid by consumers for fixed and mobile services – November 2016

Economic modelling of Australia’s North Asia FTAs – June 2016

The economic value of pathology: achieving better health and a better use of health resources – April 2016 report

Impact of private sector involvement in ACIAR projects: a framework and cocoa case studies – March 2016 report

Sustaining cocoa production: impact evaluation of cocoa projects in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea – March 2016 report

GST on low value imports – February 2016 report

The importance of advanced biological science to the Australian economy – January 2016 reports

Australia’s telecommunications market structure – June 2015 report

Increasing deemed to satisfy height limits for timber construction: a cost benefit analysis – June 2015 report

Value of primary healthcare services provided by the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service – March 2015 report

The importance of advanced physical and mathematical sciences to the Australian economy – March 2015 report 

A review of the Commerce Commission’s constant price revenue model – August 2014 report

NSW Workers Compensation Statutory Review – 30 June 2014 report

Economic and social impacts of Telstra’s retail price controls – May 2014 report

Impact analysis of the Health Star Rating system for small businesses – May 2014 report

Cross-border exchange in education in the Indo-Pacific region – 12 May 2014 report

The economic impacts of mobile broadband on the Australian economy, from 2006 to 2013  – April 2014 report

The impact of free trade agreements on Australia – February 2014 report

ACIAR wheat and maize projects in Afghanistan - 17 December 2013 publication

Adoption of ACIAR project outputs 2013 - 16 December 2013 publication

Economic Impact of Myasthenia Gravis – November 2013 report

Cost-effectiveness reviews for Antenatal Care - November 2013 reports

Reform of the NSW planning system – October 2013 report

Economic impacts of migration in NSW - August 2013 report

Modelling the Trade Implication of Climate Mitigation Policy – July 2013 report

Competition in the Australian Private Health Insurance Market – June 2013 report

Future forecasts: Construction and Property Services Skills 2016–26 - May 2013 report

Economic Analysis of Human Gene Patents - May 2013 report

Interim evaluation of the Victorian Life Sciences Statement: Healthy Futures - February 2013 publication

Urban water utility efficiency review - February 2013 publication

Cost Benefit Analysis of strategic regional landuse - 2013 publication

Review of SA Water’s demand forecasts - 2013 publication

SPAusnet Gas Demand Forecasting in Victoria -  2013 publication

Costs and benefits of alternative growth scenarios for Sydney – August 2012 publication

Alternative Growth Paths – December 2010 publication