2010 Sydney Metropolitan Water Plan

May 2010 report

The first Metropolitan Water Plan (the Plan) was introduced in 2004. The Plan sets out the course of action for the NSW Government to ensure a sustainable and secure water system for the greater Sydney’s people and rivers. Subsequently, the NSW Government reviewed the 2004 Plan and released an updated plan in 2006. The NSW Government recently released the 2010 Metropolitan Water Plan.

TheCIE was engaged by the NSW Office of Water to conduct a cost effectiveness analysis of a range of infrastructure options and other alternative measures (both demand and supply side) that formed the basis for the 2010 Sydney Metropolitan Water Plan. The analysis incorporated social and environmental benefits/costs of all measures into the ranking of the projects. The analysis was conducted in the context of portfolios of different measures, taking account of the interactions between projects. The review examined the performance of alternative portfolios under conditions where there is limited knowledge of possible future events, particularly in relation to climate risk but also including other factors such as project-specific risk. Climate risk analysis was undertaken using disaggregated output from the Sydney Catchment Authorities’ Wathnet hydrology simulation model.

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