Brent Borrell

Chief Economic Advisor

Brent Borrell has built up a thorough understanding of the economic and institutional foundations of markets and the microeconomic effects of policy interventions through his career as a private consultant and as an analyst at the World Bank. He has worked for a wide range of clients in the private and public sector in Australia and around the world.

Brent’s key areas of expertise include:

  • extensive experience in policy and market analysis, and a comprehensive knowledge of the policy reform process
  • comprehensive studies on corporatisation and/or privatisation of government instrumentalities, quantitative assessments of the effectiveness of such organisations and evaluations of policy options
  • wide experience in defining the roles of government and the private sector in industrial and developing countries, identifying capacity building requirements to improve economic governance and conducting competition policy reviews in Australia
  • considerable experience as a research manager and international consultant and has conducted comprehensive reviews of a wide range of economic issues in many countries: agricultural production, marketing and trade, energy markets, metal manufacturing; R&D evaluations, foreign investment, governance and institution building, aviation, shipping, immigration urban transport and water pricing, and
  • international experience in the United States, European Community, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Iran, Macedonia, Mauritius, Nepal, the Philippines, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and New Zealand.
Brent Borrell