James Buwalda

Senior Associate – Wellington

James Buwalda has over 20 years experience in strategic leadership, public sector management, policy advice and research leadership. He has a thorough understanding of public management, including public sector accountabilities, public-private sector partnerships and the role of government-owned businesses. He has extensive experience as a policy adviser and manager, working within ministries in various governments.

The main themes of James’ contributions include the following:

Strategic leadership – Refocusing government agencies on current economic, environmental and social goals for New Zealand, including design and implementation of comprehensive consultation processes, and strengthening relationships between key stakeholders.

James Buwalda

Policy leadership – Leading reviews and design of public policy instruments, including evaluation processes, introducing new programs, and facilitating new collaborative relationships.

Organisation leadership – Leading two government agencies, with policy and operational responsibilities spanning research, innovation, human capital, immigration and workplace regulation.

James was previously Chief Executive in New Zealand’s Department of Labour (2003-2007) and Ministry of Research, Science and Technology (1996-2003). He also works as a private consultant for government and private sector clients (mainly in New Zealand), and is the Independent Chair for ITP New Zealand (the peak body for New Zealand’s Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics).

James holds a PhD from the University of London, and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) from Lincoln University.