David Pearce

Executive Director

David Pearce has over 30 years’ experience as  an applied economist, both at the CIE and previously a the Industries Assistance Commission (now Productivity Commission).

David combines detailed knowledge of contemporary economic issues and techniques with a sound understanding of quantitative economics and an ability to clearly present complex ideas to a variety of audiences.

With a long term commitment to commissioned research and consulting, David uses his detailed knowledge of economic analysis to clarify issues and to assist clients in tackling the diverse challenges they face in the modern economy.

Our clients value David’s capacity to bring clear, logical thinking to the complex, high-stake economic decisions they make or influence.

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Over the past 32 years as a professional economist, David has actively developed expertise in:

  • A wide variety of quantitative analytical techniques including economywide and simulation modelling, risk analysis and portfolio analysis – David has an extensive track record in applying quantitative techniques to solve problems for a wide variety of clients;
  • trade and industry policy analysis, both economywide and industry-specific, including detailed studies in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, education and transport
  • regulatory analysis including the quantitative evaluation of the costs and benefits of particular regulations and of the effects of changes in regulation
  • greenhouse policy analysis, including modelling and other analytical tasks, assisting clients in understanding the challenges that climate change, and the policy response to it, poses – David has been involved in greenhouse and related issues for the past 25 years where his work has included providing advice and analysis to Australian and foreign governments, a range of industry groups as well as international organisations
  • water industry analysis, including estimating the cost of the current incidence of water restrictions as well as economic approaches to planning for new water infrastructure
  • R&D evaluation – in particular, quantitative empirical analysis of R&D outcomes, both in Australia and overseas, and
  • clear and effective written and verbal communication.

David also has extensive international experience, including undertaking projects in Vietnam, China, India, Laos, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

David can be contacted at our Canberra office.