Derek Quirke

Managing Director

Derek Quirke, Director and Senior Economist, worked for two years at the Industries Assistance Commission (now Productivity Commission) prior to joining the CIE over 18 years ago. He has extensive experience in analysing commodity markets and the impacts of trade and industry policy. As such, he is heavily involved in the development and application of commodity markets models and economywide models to suit both policy analysis and forecasting applications.

Derek’s key areas of expertise include the following.

  • Economywide and commodity models: Development and use of economywide and specialised commodity models. Derek has over 20 years experience in the development and use of a range of economic frameworks including a multisectoral economymodel of the Australian economy (ORANI) and related frameworks such as the state-based CIE regions and the international GTAP model. This experience also extends to the development and use of economywide models in a range of developing countries contexts including Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Vietnam. Responsible for the development, maintenance and use of the Global Meat Industries (GMI) model of meat production, consumption and bilateral trade across 22 countries and regions for Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). In addition, has developed a range of market specific models for grains, sugar, dairy and horticulture both for Australia and for a number of developing countries.
  • Policy analysis and forecasting: Capability in detailed policy analysis and commodity forecasting based on detail market knowledge and understanding of modeling frameworks. Has extensive experience in analysis of tax, trade and industry policy, both in Australia and overseas, across agriculture, mining and manufacturing sectors through to the evaluation of the economic impacts of R&D to the analysis of the contribution to the economy made by various industries. For meat and grain commodities, this experience includes forecasting prospects for international markets based on a good understanding of the major drivers and trends in global demand and supply, changes in trade regimes and other factors. In addition to Australia, Dereks’ experience also extends to the analysis of a range of development and market policies in Timor Leste, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and India. More recently analysis has included the identification and, where possible, quantification of environmental, regional and social benefits.
  • Program evaluation and strategic planning: Strengths in industry consultation and conduct major strategic reviews. Using knowledge of markets, has been heavily involved in program and project evaluation and strategic planning in both Australia and overseas. Major strategic reviews include analysis of the Meat Industry Program for the Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the ongoing evaluation of MLA’s portfolio of programs and has also involved in the FutureFocus strategic plan for Horticulture Australia Limited and a review of the contribution of research and development to the Victorian dairy industry over the past 30 years. In the development context, Derek has contributed to programs for AusAid, Australia Centre for International Agricultural Research, and other donors, in the areas of cattle and buffalo and coffee and cocoa. Across these reviews, Derek took the lead role in extensive consultation with stakeholders in industry and government, and smallholders in developing countries.

Derek can be contacted at our Canberra office.