Lee Davis


Lee Davis is a Director with the CIE’s Sydney office, having joined the CIE in 1998. Lee specialises in the following areas:

  • International trade policy, including the development and use of computable general equilibrium models to analyse the implications for countries of liberalising their trade and investment policies (whether liberalisation be unilateral, bilateral or multilateral in nature).
  • Review and reform of investment laws and the wider investment environment to improve a country’s ability to compete for foreign direct investment on a sustainable basis and, in so doing, contribute to private sector development and economic growth.
  • Cost–benefit analysis to determine whether a proposed government policy reform or program will deliver a net benefit to the country, including the use of statistical techniques for estimating stakeholders’ willingness to pay/accept a change to their circumstances, and options for maximising benefits or reducing the costs associated with the policy reform/program.
  • Development work, with projects providing economic governance, program evaluation, capacity building, policy advice and analysis having been undertaken for bodies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Foreign Investment Advisory Service in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Uganda and the Solomon Islands.
 Lee Davis