Phil Manners


Phil Manners returned to the CIE in October 2008 after completing his MPhil in Economics at the University of Oxford, having been awarded the George Webb Medley prize proxime accessit. He worked at the CIE from 2004 to 2006 after previously working at the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources. Phil also holds a degree in economics (honours and University Medal) and a science degree (mathematics) from Australian National University.

Phil’s areas of expertise are:

  • benefit cost analysis of regional land use planning
  • research and development policy design and evaluation
  • pricing of transport services (urban rail, freight rail, buses, taxis and road pricing)
  • regulation of infrastructure (rates of return, cost allocation, regulatory frameworks, efficiency, demand forecasting and customer impacts) — in electricity, gas, urban and rural water and transport
  • economic appraisal of infrastructure (particularly in transport and water).