Sarina Lacey

Director, Health Economics and Policy

Sarina is a Director and senior economist with 20 years consulting experience advising on policy and funding issues in health and human services. She has led engagements in health policy and strategy, funding models, and economic modelling of health and human services interventions and infrastructure for government agencies, service providers, and industry bodies.

Her key areas of expertise include:

  • Human services systematic literature review, including medical and health economics expertise, and technical skills in developing search strategies, literature search, and review and analysis.
  • Human services impact assessment, including understanding the key dimensions of population health, health risk factors, and the value of health interventions to individuals, their families, communities, and the national economy. This includes a large number of burden of disease studies, such as for asbestos-related diseases, diabetic retinopathy, myasthenia gravis and others.
  • Developing and implementing human services evaluation frameworks to prioritise, monitor, and evaluate investments in health and social welfare programs. This includes a large number of human services program evaluations, including relating to hearing services, palliative care services, dementia care, and programs to promote health and nutrition and better manage chronic disease.
  • Ensuring the cost effectiveness of human services sector investments. This includes examining whether outcomes are achieved at least cost, whether spending is targeted enough to be cost effective, and whether services are designed and delivered in a way that minimises the administrative burden on all stakeholders. This includes various assessments of therapeutics and diagnostics seeking listing on the Medicare Benefits Schedule, evaluations of alternative clinical care pathways; particularly those involving more community based care, and a large number of engagements relating to developing business cases for medical research.

Sarina can be contacted in our Sydney office.