Chris Lill

Chris LillEconomist

Chris joined the CIE in 2013 as an Economist following six years experience producing macroeconomic and policy analysis at the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Industry Group. He holds a Bachelor of Economics with Honours from Monash University with a double major in Mathematics and Econometrics.

At the RBA, Chris was responsible for modelling and forecasting the European economy as well as the domestic residential and non-residential construction sectors. He was an economic advisor at the Australian Industry Group and investigated a wide range of policy issues such as the adoption and diffusion of new technology in Australia and the impact of the carbon tax on the business sector.

Chris has also analysed business growth opportunities in Victoria as well as the NSW housing cycle, producing several research notes during his time at the Australian Industry Group. His economic and policy analysis is supported by a strong foundation in econometrics, mathematics and economic theory.

More recently, Chris has been involved in the update of the Global Meat Industry (GMI) database at the CIE, conducting research and coordinating with in-country departments and industry contacts for up to date statistics on meat and livestock trade as well as prices, inventory and production data. Through this work, Chris has developed knowledge of the key endogenous and exogenous variables going into the GMI model.