Laura Cassar

Senior Economist

Laura is a senior economist who joined the CIE in 2011 and has worked across a broad range of issues and sectors including water, environment, mining, planning, transport and infrastructure, regulation, aquaculture, and research and development. Prior to joining, Laura spent around five years in the public sector including Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and more recently NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Laura’s areas of expertise include:

  • Benefit cost analysis and impact assessment – developing a cost benefit analysis framework for assessing mining projects and separately for the rehabilitation of mines, reviewing numerous cost benefit analyses conducted for mining applications and conducting cost benefit analysis of biodiversity reforms, alternative growth paths, strategic regional land use and changes to NSW waste regulations.
  • Economic evaluation and regulatory review – including preparation of the regulatory impact statement of new planning legislation in NSW, review of efficient government compliance costs for the NSW Container Deposit Scheme, and review of national licensing, operating costs for regulated private ferry services, the Queensland aquaculture industry and local government compliance and enforcement activities.
  • Developing analytical frameworks and models to assess policies and programs – developed a model to assess policy options relating to scheduled waste premises and a model to assess the costs and benefits of coastal erosion mitigation options.
  • Environmental and natural resource economics – including cost benefit analysis of waste regulations and development of appraisal guidelines for economic assessment of environmental impacts from mining.
  • Cost recovery – including review of the costing model for residential and intensive residential care and cost recovery mechanisms for metropolitan water planning.
  • Statistical analysis and demand forecasting – including review of demand forecasts and statistical analysis of water utilities’ productivity and efficiency.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Resource Economics (First Class Honours) from the University of Sydney and a Master of Economics from the University of New South Wales.

Laura can be contacted in our Sydney office.