Bradley Rogers

Senior Policy Analyst

Brad joined The CIE Canberra office in 2016 after moving from the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet where he was the Policy Division’s Principal Economist. Prior to joining CIE, Brad worked for the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland Treasury, the Queensland Treasury Corporation, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) and Seqwater.

Brad has ten years’ experience in the application of economic and financial concepts to the analysis of a wide range of issues across the public and private sectors, including:

  • government policy and finance
  • infrastructure investment
  • impact and design of regulation
  • economic development
  • water, energy and other utilities, and
  • business valuation, impairment and fair value testing.

Brad’s capabilities and experience includes government program evaluations, legislative and policy reviews, conducting regulatory impact statements, cost benefit analysis, heavy haul rail economic regulatory reviews, capital expenditure evaluations, company valuation, budget modelling and forecast estimates and economic and statistical analysis.

Recently, Brad has played a lead role in the delivery of the following projects:

  • Mount Isa to Tennant Creek $3 billion Railway Options (2016) – A detailed study of the nationally significant Darwin to Townsville supply chain and associated economic financial parameters. Brad managed a multidisciplinary team of experts to advise State/Territory governments and the Commonwealth on the possible investments and economic growth opportunities. (It covered value capture, real options, pricing, economic regulation, private investment options, funding options, risk management, Indigenous policy, land use, infrastructure planning, agricultural strategy, defence strategy, stakeholder engagement, international transport and shipping, Australian mining and minerals)
  • Risk and uncertainty in economic analysis (2016) – Brad worked with the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources to develop tools for including risk and uncertainty in each area of the Departments economic analysis. (It covered international best practice economic analysis for major infrastructure, real options process development, stakeholder engagement and statistical analysis options, and Monte Carlo analysis process developed)
  • Provision of technical advice on a fee-for-service basis of VET services (2016) – Brad examined the potential business models, pricing and risks for the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training to provide targeted VET assistance to international governments.

Some of his other project experience includes:

  • Advised Queensland Premier and Cabinet regarding possible economic financial outcomes of the $5 billion Brisbane Bus and Train Tunnel (BAT)
  • Modelled and advised CFO of outcomes of the merger of the South East Queensland bulk water companies ($10 Billion)
  • Passenger rail service delivery options analysis
  • Regional Freight and Livestock Transport Contracts review
  • Economic regulatory analysis of the Jilalan Rail Yard ($500 million)
  • Advised Queensland Premier and Cabinet regarding Inland Rail issues
  • Analysed Seqwater regarding its Summerset Dam Hydroelectricity plant investment
  • Provided potential economic impact of infectious diseases on the Queensland economy
  • Estimated cost and benefits of alternative models of taxi regulation in Queensland
  • Explored alternative jobs growth policy for the Queensland Government
  • Explained possible impact of pests and disease on Queensland agriculture and recommended a range of policies actions, and
  • Provided the Queensland Government an economic financial analysis of sports stadium market and funding.

Brad also has nine years’ of experience in the Australian Army in a variety of roles including four years’ experience as a Field Engineer. Brad’s military experience combined with his economic financial knowledge and experience gives him a unique and practical understanding of infrastructure, defence, government strategy and logistics issues.

Brad has completed a Degree in Economics, a Masters of Applied Finance and Melbourne University’s Asialink Leaders course.

Brad can be contacted at our Canberra office.