Stephanie Black

Senior Economist

Stephanie joined the CIE in 2009 as an Economist. She holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from Australian National University and has over 10 years of experience being involved in economic research and analysis in both the public and private sector.

Her background is in economic theory with a broad range of experience in cost benefit analysis and regulatory policy. She has worked on a broad range of projects, expanding her knowledge of economics and its applications both in an Australian and international context.

Stephanie’s experience has covered a broad range of topics, including:

  • competition policy
  • land planning regulations
  • health economics
  • wide ranging cost benefit analysis
  • commodities production and pricing analysis
Stephanie Szakiel

She has also gained experience and skills in many areas, including:

  • geographical statistics
  • demographic projection models
  • computable general equilibrium models
  • the use of input output tables.

Her recent project experience includes:

  • A wide range of cost benefit analyses and regulation impact statements for the Australian building industry, covering topics such as energy efficiency, height restrictions on the use of timber framing, the role of bushfire bunkers and a valuation of 20 years of evolution in building industry regulations.
  • A review of the competitive market for private health insurance in Australia, covering the role of private health insurance in the Australian market and the effect of government policies and regulations on the operation of the market.
  • An evaluation of the National Standards Assessment Program (NSAP) for Palliative Care Australia that considered the role of palliative care services within the wider health sector and the value of an assessment program specific to palliative care.
  • A review of the domestic and international drivers of demand for Australian agricultural production, both now and into the future that outlined the current challenges facing Australian agriculture and the possible options for future change and expansion in the industry.
  • An evaluation of proposed reforms to the NSW Planning system, covering the performance of current policies, and estimating the relative costs and benefits of select proposals for reform.

Stephanie can be contacted at our Canberra office.