Tessa Gastrell


Tessa joined the CIE in January 2017 as an Economist. She holds a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney.

Tessa has a multidisciplinary background, with a special interest in impact evaluation and policy analysis of health care interventions, disease prevention strategies and biosecurity.

Recent examples of Tessa’s work include:

  • Impact evaluation — Tessa conducted a series of impact evaluations to quantify the cost savings and associated benefits of R&D in the biosecurity space. This involved identifying and engaging with stakeholders, conducting literature reviews, development of Markov models to estimate cost benefit ratios and undertaking Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Economic modelling — Tessa developed an economic model to estimate the prevalence and associated direct health care costs of diabetic retinopathy in low and middle-income countries. The model was informed by extensive literature review and primary data collection from selected countries.
  • Cost benefit analysis — Tessa undertook extensive financial analysis to estimate the net economic impacts of alternative protocols in the area of blood transfusion safety. The analysis considered the cost of the intervention, the healthcare costs and the health outcomes (measured in DALYs) associated with each policy.

Tessa can be contacted at our Sydney office.