Agrata Verma

Research Economist

Agrata joined the CIE in 2017 as a Research Economist. She graduated from the Australian National University with a Masters in International and Development Economics.

During her Masters, Agrata undertook several research projects which included the following:

  • Analyzed Vietnam’s ambition to become the leading global supplier of shrimps using Stochastic Frontier Analysis and two stage Data Envelopment Analysis model and further ran censored regression to test for inefficiencies.
  • Effective Federal Fund Rate Forecasting Project using various forecasting models like random walk, exponential smoothing, AR, MA, ARMA, ARIMA to yield point, interval, and density forecasts and picked the best model by comparing different measures of forecasting errors.
  • Reviewed the Mekong River Crisis using a game theory analysis from Vietnam’s perspective.

Additionally, Agrata takes keen interest in industry based economic analysis and data forecasting.

Agrata can be contacted in our Canberra office.