James Signorelli


James joined the CIE in 2017 as an Economist. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the University of New South Wales.

Previously, James has worked as a Senior Analyst at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, researching and measuring inflation for different industries and sectors of the economy, including international trade and housing.

At the CIE, James has worked across a range of areas including projects relating to housing, infrastructure and telecommunications.

Some examples of his recent work include:

  • Analysing convergence in mobile and fixed line broadband technology, including the economic and policy implications
  • Monitoring the impacts of the NSW “return and earn” container deposit scheme, for which James was responsible for analysing the levels of competition across the supply chain in the beverage industry
  • Review of “missing middle” medium density housing policies in NSW, including spatial forecasts on housing development and commercial feasibility
  • Modelling the economic outcomes of the 2018 NSW State Infrastructure Strategy, for which James was responsible for the modelling of transport and housing outcomes

James can be contacted in the Sydney office.