James Signorelli


James joined the CIE in 2017 as an Economist. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the University of New South Wales.

Previously, James has worked as a Senior Analyst at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, researching and measuring inflation for different industries and sectors of the economy, including international trade and housing. James also teaches Real Estate Economics and Public Policy at the University of New South Wales.

James has a background in econometrics and the economics of the housing market. Recent research includes:

  • Modelling the city-level spatial dynamics of housing prices. This focused on how housing prices of different regions of a city respond to price shocks from neighbouring regions in the form of a ripple effect pattern.
  • Producing a suite of housing price indexes for Australian capital cities. These price indexes measure the inflation rate of new dwellings and provide a comparison to the market for established dwellings.

James can be contacted in the Sydney office.