Cost-effectiveness reviews for Antenatal Care

Cover CIE_Final Report Ultrasound Screening 18 to 20 weeks
November 2013 reports

In 2013, for the Australian Department of Health, the CIE undertook three reviews on the cost-effectiveness of several recommendations in the draft Clinical Practice Guidelines for Antenatal Care. The National Antenatal Care Guidelines in Australia are designed to support Australian maternity services to provide high quality, evidence based antenatal care to healthy pregnant women. Sarina developed probabilistic models of cost and benefit flows from current and alternative approaches to screening with respect to patient (maternal and neonate) outcomes to assess each recommendation.

Cover CIE Final Report_ Economic analysis of Group B streptococcus screening Cost effectiveness of offering ultrasound scan to pregnant women at 18-20 weeks for the detection of non-chromosomal abnormalities – view report online

Cost effectiveness of strategies to prevent infection of group B streptococcus in neonates from maternal colonisation – view report online

Cost-effectiveness of strategies to prevent adverse obstetrical outcomes from thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women – view report online

Cover CIE Final Report_Economic analysis of Thyroid dysfunction screening