Stephanie Black

Senior EconomistStephanie Szakiel

Stephanie joined the CIE in 2009 as an Economist. She holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from Australian National University and has over 13 years of experience in economic research and analysis in both the public and private sector.

Her background is in economic theory and regulatory economics with specific skills in:

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Program evaluation, theory of change and program logic models
  • Regulation Impact Statements, investigation of market failures
  • A range of stakeholder consultation, engagements and data collection strategies

Stephanie’s recent experience is listed below:

  • Program evaluations. Stephanie has undertaken a range of program evaluation tasks, considering issues such as the implementation and use of service quality frameworks and the ability of research and development activities to improve economic efficiency. Stephanie has also provided informal training services and delivered guidance documents on how to evaluate industry funded research, development and deployment activities. Stephanie has covered industries such as:

-     Private health insurance

-     Palliative care service providers

-     Australian forestry sector

  • Regulation impact statements. Stephanie has been heavily involved in developing regulatory impact statements for a number of Australian government departments. The RIS work involves a review of the economic logic behind new and revised regulations as well as economy wide cost benefit analyses on the expected impact to the Australian economy. An important element of these evaluations is being able to identify, track and quantify the linkages between affected economic sectors and the wider Australian economy. Examples of her work include:

-      Energy efficiency ratings on residential and commercial buildings

-      Regulations governing the construction of bushfire shelters

-      Regulations governing salinity protection of residential buildings

-      Assessment of national licencing options for security guards across Australia

-      Advising the Productivity Commission on the operation of Australia’s regulatory impact assessment process

Cost benefit analysis. Stephanie has also been commissioned by a wide range of clients to undertake many different cost benefit analyses to support regulation impact statements. These analyses have covered issues from the net benefits of changing height allowances on buildings, to meeting animal welfare requirements and methods of managing natural resources. Stephanie has also been involved in developing broader frameworks for assessing the costs and benefits of large scale government initiatives, such as the current NSW Planning reforms.

Stephanie can be contacted at our Canberra office.